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Welcome to Tangle Tree Ranch, the home of the first Døle horse in America.

Take a look around our web site and learn about this very special and unique breed of horse. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them, please send us an email at bobnmarte@gondtc.com.

The first Døle horse was brought to the US by a Norwegian lady named Marte, who grew up near Brumundal Norway. When she married a man, Robert, from Doyon, North Dakota, she couldn't leave her sorrel gelding, Silver (Vollaug Silver N-96-2165) behind. So Silver came to live in America and has since been joined by a Døle stallion and 2 mares who have now given birth.






Baby in Buggy with Horses
Fly Tuva and Svarten check out Bob and Marte's baby girl.

Grand Champion Stallion - North Dakota State Fair 2005

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